A Coding Boot Camp Run As a Cooperative

I recently had the privilege of being approached by an editor of a publishing company I respect very much. They have many titles in the Python space that might be familiar to you. She wanted to discuss the possibility of writing for them, since she was impressed with my writing and how I organize my material.

Of course, that’s a wonderful compliment to get, and we had a great discussion about some possibilities. One of them was around a project I’ve had in mind for some time now, an open-source or cooperative Python boot camp.

This idea has been simmering for some time now. I first started writing about it at the end of last year ([here](http://New for 2022: Python, Git, GitHub BootCamp Course) and here), when I’d just started seriously blogging again. At the time and for most of the time since, I was holding down a day job, but last month I left that job to work on this site and other projects full time.

So naturally, when this editor approached me, the idea that came to mind at first was the idea of putting the principles of an open-source or cooperative boot camp into the form of a commercial book. Because the idea had ripened so long, the outline was easy enough to write and was done in less than a day.

However, after some research into the publishing industry and some discussions with friends, I’m on the fence about going forward with a commercial publisher, largely because the return may not justify the effort. But while I’m sorting things out, it seemed to me that a good way to

Why A Coop Coding Boot Camp Is an Awesome Idea

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