New for 2022: Python, Git, GitHub BootCamp Course

I am very pleased to announce that will be launching its first Programming Course in 2022. I’m still working out many of the details, but I thought I’d take a few minutes to share what we know and what we don’t know at this point.

Donald Rumsfeld, who famously invented known knowns, will not be teaching this course.

What We Know

What Will It Be About?

The course will be designed as a Software Engineering Bootcamp. It that will teach:

  • Python

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • Building an online portfolio

  • Some career-based, advanced projects (or at the very least, guidance on these).

Great Introductory Pricing

Because the course will be in ongoing development in 2022, until at least December 31, 2022, the price for the basic course will be FREE. This will not be a free trial, so no credit card will be needed to enroll. We will have a sign-up form here once we have a bit more content in place.

When Will It Be Ready?

Some of the first few videos are already available on our YouTube Channel, and we’ll be linking to those here soon and recording others, probably in the first quarter of the year. We’ll also begin fleshing out the outline here at the same time. Late in the Spring of 2022, we expect to be able to begin more rapid development of course materials. Les well known of course is when we’ll be able to mark it “done”, but since we’ll plan to continue to keep it up to date and add new material, that point is probably somewhat moot.

The Coop Bootcamp option

As an alternative to eventually selling the course only in video format (a Udemy-style course), we’d very much like to deliver an extremely low-cost, bootcamp run as a coop or an individual mentoring / coaching option. How low cost? We believe we can deliver it at a DISCOUNT of perhaps 80% or more of the average coding Bootcamp.

What We Don’t Know

We don’t yet know how much demand there will be for the bootcamp option, but if you’re interested in this option, please leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

In addition to student interest, another unknown is whether we can drive the costs for students down even further through some sort of community funding.