Write For Us

CodeSolid is looking for writers who can write original, well-structured articles on different Python topics. We publish long-form articles, two-thousand words or more, depending on the subject. We pay $.05 per word (source code also counts toward this), so you’ll make at least $100 per article, and you’ll know the word count we’re aiming for up-front — though a well-crafted product is more important than hitting that range exactly. You’ll also get a writer credit and an author page with two links back to your portfolio or website, etc.

We’re looking for programmers who can structure their ideas well — even some with little or no paid work experience. We write Python articles targeting all levels of experience. However, if you’ve just done “SEO content writing” about some non-code topics, that won’t work. We’ll ask you to show something demonstrating your work (a sample article, some code you’re proud of with a well-structured README, etc.).

All articles must be unique and not published elsewhere, and copyright assigned to CodeSolid.

Writers who do well can expect to be assigned two articles per month, possibly more.

To Apply / Learn More

Please send us some information via our contact form, with a valid email address and any links to writing samples you may have, and a short note about your background. We look forward to hearing from you!