SymPy: Solving Math Equations in Python and Jupyter

SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics. It’s free and open source, and because it’s written entirely in Python, it’s easy to install and use. Symbolic math software tools, also called Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), allow you to work with mathematical equations more or less as you would on paper. For example, you can … Read more

Learn Python: Tutorials from Beginner to Expert

Python, currently the most popular programming language, is a free, open-source, general-purpose language. If you’re looking to learn Python, we have a ton of articles for you! What we’ll do in this article is organize these resources for you, since some are more appropriate for beginners to the Python language or to even programming languages … Read more

How to Work With Google Sheets In Python and Pandas

Working with spreadsheets in Python on your local machine is relatively simple. For example, Pandas can open a spreadsheet into a DataFrame using read_excel. To do this, Pandas relies on another package for reading and writing spreadsheets, openpyxl. Once you’ve installed this package using your favorite package manager, the process is straightforward. To the extent … Read more