Getting Things Done with GitHub, Markdown, and Visual Studio Code

I am at the beginning stages of trying to focus my work better than I have been able to do while working on my one-month goal of posting consistently on LinkedIn. This posting goal exacerbated some pre-existing issues around the organization of my work. Those of you who ever read David Allen’s popular productivity guide, … Read more

Node Starter Projects

Over the last few days, I’ve decided to brush up my node a bit. To begin that effort, I’ve started to create some Node starter projects. I’ve called the repository Node Tutorials in honor of the Java Tutorials that I had put together a few years ago. There really isn’t an accompanying Node Tutorials series as there was for … Read more

Using TestNG With Spring

Although there aren’t too many examples to be found about it, using Spring’s AbstractTestNGSpringContextTests turns out to be really easy! We walk you through it in this brief tutorial. Testing Spring in JUnit is fairly simple given the test runner support. Using TestNG is a little bit more complex, but this tutorial will quickly get … Read more

DirectoryInfo Example

In the spirit of our DriveInfo example, which was a little slip of a thing, here’s a simple C# DirectoryInfo example. You May Also Enjoy Python Format Strings: Beginner to Expert Python Operators: The Building Blocks of Successful Code