Getting Things Done With Dendron and VS Code — First Look

Last week, I wrote an article about Getting Things Done (GTD) using VS Code, and one of my smart colleagues suggested I take a look at the Dendron extension. I’ve been using this extension fairly heavily since then. I’ve also been figuring out how I want to integrate it into a GTD workflow. Since Friday … Read more

Getting Things Done with GitHub, Markdown, and Visual Studio Code

I am at the beginning stages of trying to focus my work better than I have been able to do while working on my one-month goal of posting consistently on LinkedIn. This posting goal exacerbated some pre-existing issues around the organization of my work. Those of you who ever read David Allen’s popular productivity guide, … Read more

Code Pride is the Best Medicine

One of the finest “buzz words” I learned about in my career was the concept of code pride.  A lot of people have their own definition of what this is, and it goes under other names as well:  Clean Code, Solid Code, Software Craftsmanship.  Of course, whatever you call it, virtues like this are hard … Read more