How to Learn To Program

For many of us, programming is not only a great career, it’s also a set of fun puzzles to solve and a fun creative outlet. But how do you get started? Is there a way to do it without spending a fortune on a bootcamp, or — if you do decide on that option — … Read more

Mastering The Take Home Coding Exercise: A Simple Checklist To Make It Shine

Like it or not, lots of companies have now started giving their software development job candidates take-home coding problems. Many of these are fairly non-trivial, meaning you’ll spend a weekend or more on them before you even get a serious interview at the company you’re applying for. As with so much in life, however, a … Read more

A Coop Coding Bootcamp

My wife attended a Data Science Boot Camp in 2019-2020 and loved it, and did well.  This was associated with a University of North Carolina, our state university system.  The interesting result of the boot camp for her was that she was able to secure a very substantial raise from the employer she left to … Read more