Python Data Analysis Starter Project


Installing the Tools for the Pandas Series This article contains the instructions for installing the Python modules that you’ll need to run the code in our Pandas Series. If you need to do this, you can skip ahead to the section “Using the Project,” or feel free to read the next section for more background. … Read more

CodeSolid Newsletter, 11/29/2022

Dear CodeSolid Subscriber, Hello again.  US readers, I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Oh, let’s not be exclusive about this:  I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving no matter where you are.  Thanksgiving was Thursday. As many of you know, I’ve been wrestling a bit with the frequency of this newsletter.  Once per week … Read more

Newsletter, 11/15/2022

Hello from CodeSolid, I hope you’re having another awesome week. It’s Tuesday (and it’s not election day), so it’s time to send you the latest goodies. New On CodeSolid Python Configuration FilesUntil I see the web statistics, it’s always a bit of a mystery to me which articles my readers will love, but I know … Read more