Exploring Python Objects with the dir and type functions

Two of my favorite functions for interactively exploring Python objects are dir and type. Calling the dir function with no attributes returns information about what’s defined in the current module — either by default when you start the python interpreter, or because you’ve done imports, defined variables and functions and classes, etc. Calling dir and … Read more

Getting Things Done With Dendron and VS Code — First Look

Last week, I wrote an article about Getting Things Done (GTD) using VS Code, and one of my smart colleagues suggested I take a look at the Dendron extension. I’ve been using this extension fairly heavily since then. I’ve also been figuring out how I want to integrate it into a GTD workflow. Since Friday … Read more

Getting Things Done with GitHub, Markdown, and Visual Studio Code

I am at the beginning stages of trying to focus my work better than I have been able to do while working on my one-month goal of posting consistently on LinkedIn. This posting goal exacerbated some pre-existing issues around the organization of my work. Those of you who ever read David Allen’s popular productivity guide, … Read more

Mastering The Take Home Coding Exercise: A Simple Checklist To Make It Shine

Like it or not, lots of companies have now started giving their software development job candidates take-home coding problems. Many of these are fairly non-trivial, meaning you’ll spend a weekend or more on them before you even get a serious interview at the company you’re applying for. As with so much in life, however, a … Read more