Code Pride is the Best Medicine

One of the finest “buzzwords” I learned about in my career was the concept of code pride.  Many people have their own definition of this, and it goes under other names as well:  Clean Code, Solid Code, and Software Craftsmanship.  Of course, whatever you call it, virtues like this are hard to pin down.  Beauty, … Read more

A Coop Coding Bootcamp

My wife attended a Data Science Boot Camp in 2019-2020 and loved it, and did well.  This was associated with a University of North Carolina, our state university system.  The interesting result of the boot camp for her was that she was able to secure a very substantial raise from the employer she left to … Read more

Building a Docker Golang Container

One of the main benefits of blogging about software is that it allows me to dust off and improve skills that I otherwise might not get too much opportunity to practice during my day job as a Java peasant. (If you don’t know, Java Peasants work in object factories). Along these lines, I’ve set myself … Read more

Node Starter Projects

Over the last few days, I’ve decided to brush up my node a bit. To begin that effort, I’ve started to create some Node starter projects. I’ve called the repository Node Tutorials in honor of the Java Tutorials that I had put together a few years ago. There really isn’t an accompanying Node Tutorials series as there was for … Read more

Using TestNG With Spring

Although there aren’t too many examples to be found about it, using Spring’s AbstractTestNGSpringContextTests turns out to be really easy! We walk you through it in this brief tutorial. Testing Spring in JUnit is fairly simple given the test runner support. Using TestNG is a little bit more complex, but this tutorial will quickly get … Read more

DirectoryInfo Example

In the spirit of our DriveInfo example, which was a little slip of a thing, here’s a simple C# DirectoryInfo example. You May Also Enjoy Python Format Strings: Beginner to Expert Python Operators: The Building Blocks of Successful Code