What Is a Python Package?

A Python package is simply a directory, usually containing Python modules (source files with the .py extension). It frequently will include a special marker file, __init__.py. Packages can easily be created and used locally, and published packages can be installed using pip. Learning to install public packages and create packages locally is not difficult, though … Read more

Python Newsletter, January 17, 2023

Greetings, Python Fans! Wow, I must have been relaxing over the holidays because here it is, the 17th of January, and this is the FIRST newsletter of this brand new year.   Well, sorry if this sounds pretty 2022, but once again, we’re going to share a roundup of what’s new on CodeSolid and some excellent … Read more

Python Parquet and Arrow: Using PyArrow with Pandas

Parquet and Arrow are two Apache projects available in Python via the PyArrow library. Parquet is an efficient, compressed, column-oriented storage format for arrays and tables of data. Arrow is an in-memory columnar format for data analysis that is designed to be used across different languages. It currently boasts supported libraries for several important languages, … Read more