Code Pride is the Best Medicine

One of the finest “buzzwords” I learned about in my career was the concept of code pride.  Many people have their own definition of this, and it goes under other names as well:  Clean Code, Solid Code, and Software Craftsmanship.  Of course, whatever you call it, virtues like this are hard to pin down.  Beauty, … Read more

A Coop Coding Bootcamp

My wife attended a Data Science Boot Camp in 2019-2020 and loved it, and did well.  This was associated with a University of North Carolina, our state university system.  The interesting result of the boot camp for her was that she was able to secure a very substantial raise from the employer she left to … Read more

Building a Docker Golang Container

One of the main benefits of blogging about software is that it allows me to dust off and improve skills that I otherwise might not get too much opportunity to practice during my day job as a Java peasant. (If you don’t know, Java Peasants work in object factories). Along these lines, I’ve set myself … Read more