React and Node.js Development

CodeSolid is the software development firm that consists of John Lockwood. It’s me, myself and I, working during the week and hacking on JavaScript at night and on weekends. Sometimes a royal we will escape the proofreading department (also John Lockwood), but it’s deprecated. We apologize.

I love working in JavaScript and Node and React, and that’s why I hack on them, even though during the day I’m still writing software using the language that shall not be named. I’m a senior that-thing-I-won’t-say engineer.

A guy’s gotta eat.

Recent Side Gigs

My React Slingshot Fork is a version of Cory House’s excellent React / Redux starter, to which I’ve added a Mongo / Express back end server, using the proxy middleware on the React & Redux frontend to map a connection to the back end server. There’s more to do there.

I few weeks ago I launched a little open source project to help myself and others find the trees among the forest of different ways you can do this in JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6, etc. I’ll add some articles on the blog as I add new recipes.

I’m enjoying a variety of Pluralsight Courses. According to those folks, by the way, I’m an expert JavaScript developer. No, seriously. Not bad for a senior something-else engineer.

Back when I was still focused on the language that shall not be named, I wrote several tutorials that are still among the most popular pages on my site. Lately I find myself blogging more about JavaScript.

Say Hello

I’m easy to reach. There’s the obligatory if somewhat boring contact page here, and it allows you to reach me either by email or phone.

I love contact requests on LinkedIn. Mention “Vinnie sent you” and I’ll accept!