Questions for the Sacramento Tech Coop

I started a discussion about these questions on the Sacramento Tech Coop Meetup discussion boards

  1. Are you interested in working for / organizing a tech coop?
  2. How many hours per week could you commit to working on coop tasks? Are you willing to begin something part time, and do you have a day job to support that, or do you need help finding work right away?
  3. What things are important to you? This could be anything. Making lots of money, or making more than you're making now? Self-determination? Cooperating with others? Personal achievement? Learning new things? Benefiting others? Promoting diversity? Geographical freedom (work from anywhere)?
  4. Which of the following coop roles appeals to you? More than one is fine, and stretching yourself beyond what you get to to in your day job is also fair game.
    • Writing code. Full stack? Back end? Front end?
    • Marketing / sales / outreach. Greeting new members, prospecting new clients, closing software contracts.
    • Testing / QA. Manual test suites, automated tests.
    • Designing web sites. Front end developer / UI / UX expert
    • Writing articles, web content, white papers, brochures, etc.?
    • Governance, including organization, planning, project management, writing by-laws (initially) and later articles of incorporation, working on licensing and other "legal" issues.
    • Finance. Accounting, payroll, receivables and collections, payables. Presenting a preliminary budget to the membership for review, and collecting any dues that we may vote to assess (if any). Working with marketing on crowdsourcing efforts, if appropriate.
  5. Which of these coops would you want to work in?
    • A company developing software products (E.g. SaaS, mobile apps, developer tools, etc.) for resale under an employee owned source code license? Goalboost (Source) and perhaps some projects is working on are possible examples -- but not the only ones.
    • A contract services company letting us cooperate as freelance software professionals or work together on projects ranging in size from small web site contracts for small businesses to long term contracts for medium to large businesses and government agencies.
    • An outsourcing management and marketing firm combining the features of a contract services company, above, but also allowing some cooperation with non-US coops and freelancers.
    • A company which is less about profitability and more about some specific social purpose?
    • Something else -- "I have a different idea..."
  6. Should there be a process for having a "Go / No go" decision early on about the feasibility of organizing as a coop?
  7. If you have already started a Tech Coop, as some of our members have, are you willing to move to one that the group forms if it's attractive to you, or are you only be interested in attracting new members to the one you already have?

Written by John Lockwood in misc on Sun 03 April 2016. Tags: Coop, Meetup,