Engineering Cloud Success


Path Description, Tech Used Todo for Publish, Rework
devops_best_practices For Pentaho. ansible_vagrant is the good stuff. Ansible, vagrant, postgresql Yes, for Pentaho
source\misc\packer\packer-terraform-aws Packer, AWS EC2, Terraform, Japanese Poetry Could write article, code is here.
source\misc\aws\CloudFormation_Troposphere Troposphere, CloudFormation, Chef Workstation. Can use with devops_best_practices
source/teach and Gitlab Repo Various tech More to do to / publish.
source\misc\vagrant\ubuntu16-with-puppet Good Ubuntu starter with Puppet Provisioner Maybe
source\misc\docker-and-kubernetes\vagrant_ubuntu_docker_lab\vagrant\spring-boot Docker, Vagrant, Spring Boot, Maven YES!


Path Description, Tech Used Todo for Publish, Rework
source\published\vagrant-ansible-local-example Vagrant, Ansible Put to Git and Write Article