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Training Business

First written 7 of 2018, revised 8/2/2018


  • High Priority Pitch There’s a One-Time Opportunity at The guy doing cloud programming is one 50 minute course ahead of you, for example, but this won’t last. Pitch (That was true in July, already there is more content for Google, Python, etc.). This means picking a course, any course, and developing a list of what you could teach, and an elevator pitch.

  • Lawyer. Free up capital. Stop paying adult deadbeat.

All Issues

The Big Issue – Creating Inventory

The main issue is the time it takes to develop courses.

Timing Options are:

  • Cut Helen off ASAP, quit day job at 59.5 (or sooner) when I have access to retirement fund + cash on hand as start-up money.
  • Build until 62.5 at some # of hours per day. What are you willing to do?

A Smaller ??? One – Where is the Market?

See this The Economics of Teaching in an Online Marketplace

  • Buy or build?

A problem or limitation to existing platforms is that they’re saturated with existing content in popular topics.

This is problem with Pluralsight, couldn’t do intro to Java for example.

May not be a problem with according to that same article.


What is your focus? Could develop this in pitch to

LinkedIn ( - Overlap OK?

Skillshare – Looks like low pay

Teachable - Rental platform. Might be good starting out? Vendor Lock?

Topics or Courses

  • ~/source/teach/ContinuousDeploymentJenkins.odp - Continous Deployment for Kubernetes using Jenkins. 9 slides, ready to demo?

  • ~/source/teach/Terraform.odp. “Getting Started with Terraform - Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as Code.” 7 slides. Was working on this last – July 19th :( :(. Has pic of me, some common stuff. Ready to demo?

Possible Alternatives

Should alternatives even be considered?

  • Focusing on owning the platform instead. A whole bunch (?) of initial work, with no content.