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Yet Another Code Formatting Test

I wasn’t too satisfied with the last code formatting gizmo I used. So I’ve been experimenting with kpumuk’s awesome CodeColorer plugin. I’m loving the results, see below… [cc lang=“ruby”] module RequestMacros def login_site_admin before(:each) do # Ensure registered email = “” password = “password” user = User.find_by_email(email) if user.nil? visit “/users/sign_up” fill_in “Email”, :with => email fill_in “Password”, :with => password fill_in “Password confirmation”, :with => password click_button “Sign up” page.should have_content(“successfully”) else visit “/users/sign_in” fill_in “Email”, :with => email fill_in “Password”, :with => password click_button “Sign in” end end end end [/cc]

So far my tests in the Visual Editor didn’t work out too well even when following the directions. However I’m very pleased with the result I get in the non-visual editor, and one can always type one’s own HTML for any post with code in it.