A Go Programming Notebook

The Power of Intention

Not. Today I was reading this fellow, Steve Pavlina, who’s of interest to me because he claims to make great money off Google Adsense. I’m happy for him in a general way, but I do like to see folks following ideas that make sense to me, and a lot of new age stuff just doesn’t.

Anyway, what I happened across of Steve’s was his Million Dollar Experiment, which is an expriement in the Voodoo-like power of intention. This is something that Napoleon Hill would have understood quite well. Napoeleon Hill, you’ll recall, is the author of “Think and Grow Rich”.

Here’s a fairly consistent formula for success: tell people that acquiring wealth is easy, and they will pay you handsomely.

In a nutshell, the idea behind intention is, you make a decision with full faith and confidence, and this somehow causes the wonderful thing you decided on to happen in your life: in this case, a million bucks. As Napoleon Hill put it more concisely: “Think and grow rich.”

Let’s look at the results of Steve’s experiement. As of today Steve boasts the proud headline:

Total Manifested = $1,780,008.97
2725 Public Participants

Wow, $1.7 million, pretty impressive, right?

The first thing I wanted to know is: OK, how successful have these 2725 public participants been in attracting a million bucks into their lives? Let’s try some fourth grade math to see if we can solve this awesome intellectual riddle of our day: dividing, we learn that each participant has made$653.21 so far. Wow, that’s pretty good. Most people wouldn’t mind if you handed them a check for that amount. Of course, for a some professionals that’s a days work or less, and even if you’re unlucky enough to be working minimum wage, you should be able to make that much in about three weeks.

Now let’s see how that stacks up to the intention people had, which was to have a million dollars. Again with the fourth grade math: 653.21 / 1,000,000 equals .00065321. OK, maybe we need to get to seventh or ninth grade in our mathematics to know that we have to shift the decimal point two places to express that as a percentage, but let’s do that to see how successful people have been with this program, where 100% successful means everyone got a million bucks, and 0% successful means everyone got nothing. OK, the answer is:

Steve Pavlina’s program for attracting wealth into your life is 0.065321% successful. Isn’t that amazing? Be sure to contribute something to his web site. If you should happen to find yourself unlucky enough in life to trip and fall from a high place, you might try intending to fly. But I hope you’ll just watch your step.