A Go Programming Notebook

Subversion for Windows, etc.

Well, it’s Saturday morning, and what better time to extend one’s programming skills. Get 23 of a night’s sleep on Friday night, and wake up before the sun to write some Transact SQL for the realcrm project I’m working on, and along the way go install and start using Subversion for Windows. Now that was just a pleasure. Install the thing, restart 4NT, read for 10 to 20 minutes, and hey, I’m checking things out and committing and gosh knows what. The only thing remotely like a hickup was the error message that I needed to set $SVN_EDITOR, so I added that to my 4NT startup batch file and away I went. Just what I wanted, version control for use on my personal products that runs fine from the command line and costs what I wanted to pay for version control for my personal projects, i.e., nothing. Of course, if you must use a GUI instead of a command prompt, and if talk of 4NT has you scratching your head, then check out Tortoise SVN, which integrates SVN into Windows Exploder. But don’t ask me whether that part works or not.

[C:] Real men use the command prompt.

A bit later, I’m going to go into my realcrm project and Frozzle the Sub Space Winch. I’ve been thinking that it needed a good Frozzling – just been waiting to have a 32-bit left handed frozzler to do it.

Maybe I should have gone for 33 of a night’s sleep.