A Go Programming Notebook

Saturday Morning With The Dog vs. Twitter and Facebook

Word of warning: this isn’t going to be a fair fight at all.

The relationship I have with my dog on a walk is tremendously satisfying. In the first place, she loves it. There’s no opportunity in a a typical day to give another being as much joy as I can give my dog simply by finding the leash and walking out the door. Then there’s the loyalty: on the leash, my dog wants to wander off, and on it she wants to pull a bit. But for all that, she’s always amenable to being called back to be by my side, and with the exception of cats and squirrels, which must be chased, her attention is generally squarely on me, which assuages my megalomania. And recently she even stopped on command and refrained from chasing a cat. Remarkable.

Now this is good for 30-60 minutes or so, during which I’m moving, my heart is beating, lungs are filling with air, and the cold mornings of a planet on the brink of another ice age are very invigorating.

Then there’s Twitter and Facebook. My basic routine is shaping up to look something like this:

  • Open Tweetdeck.

  • Scan messages for something interesting.

  • Hmm, slim pickings. Well, Purva’s awake. Say something dumb to Purva.

  • Read a real estate post or two by a prodigious blogger pal. Hmm, loan fraud is always something buyers commit, not lenders. Consider an article with an ant-capitalist morale. Realize it won’t fit in 140 characters.

  • Look for another interesting post.

  • Reply to Jeffo.

  • Write an article about my dog.

  • Click the Tweetdeck refresh button, anything interesting now? OK, fine.

And then of course, I finish getting dressed. Now where was that leash?