A Go Programming Notebook

Ruby on Rails

Of course, now that I’m brushing off my software hat – a four-prop beanie, presumably – I’m opening Dr. Dobb’s Journal when it comes in the mail. The lastest edition talks about the buzz surrounding Ruby on Rails. To be sure, there’s a fair amount of hype in Dr. Dobbs about this language / enviornment. Moreover, quick search on Dice shows that it’s a bit too early to declare it “Java’s Successor” just yet.

To praphrase the Monkees, however: “But then I saw the videos. Now I’m a Believer”. Check out the Ruby on Rails Screencasts for yourself. Building a web log in 15 minutes was fun, but I especially liked “Evolving your database schema without a sweat”.

This is seriously cool stuff, even if Java’s still beating it by a clean 14370 keyword hits to 26. What is this, some kind of popularity contest?

Well, for cash flow purposes at least: Yep.