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Quick and Dirty Grammar Tips

A few years back I read a story about successful podcasters and one of the podcasts that got a great review was Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Grammar Tips. To tell the truth I’d forgotten all about this site until recently, when I happened to stumble upon it using, as you may have already guessed, StumbleUpon. I don’t subscribe to podcasts, but fortunately Grammar Girl’s (aka Mignon Fogarty’s) work is also available in blog format. This blog has only been in my reader a short time, but already it’s one of the favorites, because it has good, simple grammar advice.

Time spent studying the rules of grammar, rhetoric, and style is time well spent. To be sure, most writers hit the mark on these rules a large portion of the time, but I’ve found that my writing improves enormously to the extent I spend a couple of hours per week on the nuts and bolts of the craft.

But when it comes to Grammar Girl, I’m not just motivated by self-inflicted self-improvement. On the contrary, Fogarty has a way of making the subject very engaging and an easy read.