A Go Programming Notebook

Programming in Sacramento

Well, it’s time to order a nice speedy computer so we can load it up with the sort of slow software that people will pay you to work on. Interestingly enough, functional open source works great for the self-employed, but to work in the software you have to have at least a grudging aquaintance with some bloated commercial apps. It’s been awhile.

At one time, that’s all we did at ParticleWave – go find software contractor positions and work on them.

So we’ll be getting back to that, and having more to say about Java in the weeks ahead, especially focusing on struts, EJBs, and other good stuff with a level of complexity sufficient to satsify the complexity-junky programmers who are advising the managers who are making the hiring decisions. As a wise man told me when I was very, very new to the software business – “learn something that looks hard, because people will pay you more to do it.”