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On Buying Too Much Crap, and What It Might Be Like to Stop

I buy too much crap. The chances are pretty good that you do, too. Actually, the chances are even better that you’re a spambot, but let’s leave to one side the issue of my low readership for now. If you’re here as a human denizen of the interwebs, you probably buy about as much crap as I do. Two days ago I started writing down how much crap I buy, and the unusual effect of that, a couple of days later, is that what I really want to do is start an experiment where I don’t buy any crap for a period of time – let’s say a month.

Sure, there’s food and rent and all that, and there are the inevitable and welcome social obligations to spend money on – dinner with my daughter and flowers for my wife, the two things I bought on Wednesday when I began writing things down. But there’s no need to buy all that other crap that may sing it’s little “Buy Me” siren song in my ear over the next month.

I was thinking about buying a book I saw yesterday, partly for me and partly for my wife. The irony of this thought is that I saw the book in a public library, where borrowing the book wouldn’t have cost me a cent, and I would have less crap to put on a shelf at the end of the process.

This might not be a bad thing. The shelves are already doing OK.

The cupboards are doing even better. My wife and I have, as of this moment, in the house (leaving off my stash at work), some fifteen boxes of teabags. Now even with that, a week ago I bought a loose leaf tea infuser and some tea.

What the hell do I need an infuser for, when I have a cupboard with fifteen boxes of tea?

Well, I wanted one. I went up on Amazon – yes, of course I’m an Amazon Prime member, are you kidding me? I went up on Amazon and the crap-buying centers of my brain instantly lit up like a department store Christmas tree.

So now I have a tea infuser, and a notebook to write down the crap I buy. I’m proud to say I used an existing notebook for that – no new crap to track the crap.

Also, I am going to start using up the tea. In order to enjoy my new purchase, I’m going to bring some of those boxes to work and use my free work scissors to cut them open – hey presto, loose leaf tea.

I’ll let you know how it all goes.