A Go Programming Notebook

.NET Contract in Sacramento Going Well

The ASP.NET contract I’m doing in Sac is going quite well so far. It’s a small and really congenial team, and in less than a week I started to make some good progress on some of the code. There are some minor hiccups – development anti-patterns, if you will – but it doesn’t look like anything too dire. Some of this involves existing code written by a now-missing contractor, which is always a delicate matter. Everyone likes the guy and he’s clearly very sharp in his work, but some of the underlying framework of his that we’re coding too may have a bit of architectural gold plating (which is not so bad in itself except in insofar as it may violate the Pragmatic “DRY” rule). A little more of a concern is that it may drive our efforts in the wrong direction as far as being fat / difficult to fix (which IS so bad in itself). Must learn more…

But that’s just code, which can always be fixed or tossed. The really tough job – good management and a team that gets along well – is already in place. Without that no amount of code will save you anyway.

Also, being in Visual Studio again is a treat. It’s always had a fairly competent debugger – and let’s face it, as a programmer, that’s home. I keep a SlickEdit window open for the heavy editorial lifting, of course. The new SourceSafe integration is flawless so far, too, and that’s quite nice. I’m starting to get a pretty good feel for ASP.NET.