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Mortgage Broker Blog -- Client Testimonial

Peter Thompson, author of Illinois Mortgage Rates and News, was kind enough to write testimonial below and send it along over the weekend. Wow, this is really nice. I appreciate you putting this together, Pete. It was a pleasure working with you!

If you are even thinking about starting your own blog site, you need to talk with John Lockwood. John helped me with my blog, Illinois Mortgage Rates and News. When I started blogging on Active Rain a couple of months back, I felt I was really on to something. I was new to blogging, but I knew the mortgage market and writing was both a hobby and a compulsion. This seemed like the right fit.

One of the best things about Active Rain is that it is a great resource for information about anything related to real estate, including real estate marketing. I knew nothing about blogging or search engine optimization but I found several experts in the community and read everything I could find to get me up to speed on the ways to make my blog a success. The posts on John’s blog, Elite Properties Sacramento were a real help and he was one of my first subscriptions.

As I learned more, it seemed that starting my own stand-alone blog was the best way to gain an audience and increase my exposure in my target market. I made a couple of calls to experts I found on Active Rain. One of the calls was to a leading name in the industry. A representative called back and we had a nice conversation. He emphasized how their company trained bloggers by teaching them to blog from the ground up with a several month long course with a set lesson plan. It sounded interesting, but my impression was that they had a one size fits all program, and I wasn’t sure it fit my needs. My other concern was the price. He quoted a number high enough to make me gasp.

As luck would have it, I came across a post on Active Rain from a Realtor who was thinking of starting her own blog but had no clue on how to start. In the comments section, John said that he was expanding his business into this area. I knew John from reading his blog and I respected his expertise, so I decided to give him a call. We hit it off and I knew right away that he was the right choice.

My first goal was to get the blog site set up and running, but he offered much more. By researching key words he was able to give me some targets where I had a chance to dominate in my competitive market. He listened to my goals and helped me to devise a strategy for long term success. We talked about ways to promote my blog and build traffic as well as what I needed to do to get ranked higher with the search engines. It was a lot of information, but it was focused on my specific needs.

John had the technical knowledge to make the most of setting up the site. He helped me pick a Wordpress template that was easy to use and easy to read. He customized the template with my personal info, added widgets, set up contact boxes and a navigation bar that integrated my blog with my web site and optimized the site for search engine traffic. The site looks great, better than I imagined.

John got me off to a great start. Long term success is up to me, but I don’t know where I would be if I tried to do this on my own. If you are even thinking of starting a new blog you really should give him a call.