A Go Programming Notebook

Missing Geek Found. Search Party Unimpressed.

Occasional Internet real estate marketing blogger, John Lockwood, who had been missing from his blog for several weeks, was found today at his keyboard. Doctors commented that for someone suffering from exposure, he looked surprisingly well fed.

The rescue team that was sent out to find Lockwood had little comment on the discovery. Rescue dog handler, Norbert Dimwhistle, had this to say about his dogs’ discovery: “I don’t know. Usually when the dogs sniff someone out, they get all excited and bark their heads off. With Lockwood they just curled up nearby and went to sleep. I don’t think he’s all that exciting.”

Hi There, John Lockwood Here

Well, it looks like “The Onion” won’t be hiring any new writers soon.

January and February were somewhat busy months in real estate, with me working with several buyers of my own – sometimes productively and sometimes not. So part of the answer to the question of where I’ve been has been that I’ve been selling a house and driving around a lot.

As soon as things wound down a bit at the end of February, naturally I couldn’t just show up here and work on business interest #2. No, dumb time-management school dropout that I am, at that point I had to stick another iron in the fire, a brand new blog about writing,

Oh yes, and I almost forgot: while I was missing I also invented the Real Estate Johnosphere.

As Warren Buffet remarked famously: Diversification is for the ignorant. I plead guilty.

Now you know why he’s a billionaire and I put search and rescue dogs to sleep.