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How to Run the CodeSolid Tutorials in Eclipse

If you’ve taken a look at the Github Repository for the CodeSolid tutorials, you may have noticed that the project files all use IntelliJ Idea.  I use the Ultimate Edition (currently Version 12) for most of my development, but recently I promised to look into using these project files in Eclipse.  I had a feeling it would work since I have sourced the Maven project – i.e., the POM files, those named pom.xml in the root of each tutorial – but being the good test infected developer that I am, I try not to take “that should work” for granted. Well, the good news in this case is that not only should it work, but it actually does.  I have tested it out on the Spring Tool Suite version 3.2, as well as on a more vanilla version of Eclipse (Indigo – version 3.7).  Because we’re importing Maven files, Maven is resolving the dependencies – meaning the Spring Tutorial works even without the Spring Tool Suite.  (How cool is that – it’s magic!)  To run the projects, start by right clicking on any empty space in the Package Explorer window, as shown below.


From the menu, select Import.  In the Import dialog box, you want to select Maven, then Existing Maven Project, as shown below:


If you then navigate to the root of the tutorials directory, you can select which tutorials you want to import.  I’m writing this article when there are only two tutorials available – you’ll likely see more projects available.  Select the project(s) you want, click finish, and you’re done!  You can now run the tutorials in Eclipse.  Enjoy!