A Go Programming Notebook

How Much Is Enough

The cops arrived at dawn from fifteen jurisdictions

They roused the terrible rabble (who they later charged with camping)

Firing tear gas on men, women, and children

The latest in crowd control

They shot Scott Olsen in the head

They shot Scott Olsen in the head

And fractured his skull

Enough cops

Enough jurisdictions

How many Scott Olsens will get shot in the head for camping?

While Fox News lies about ACORN

Support the troops

How much will you believe?

How much is enough?

How many jobs will you send overseas

To cook your numbers this quarter?

How many black lies told by how many white men and

First black presidents?

Don’t tax the job creators

Pay no attention while we sign these trade agreements

Colombia, South Korea, Panama

Your free trade isn’t free

You can’t have protectionism without protecting something

What could it be that isn’t free that you could be protecting?

Somebody’s job

Somebody you’ll shoot in the head

for camping

Instead of protecting his job.

How much is enough?

How much of our money

Will get robbed in the next election

While FOX lies about ACORN

Whle FOX lies about anti-semitism

While FOX lies in the stomach of America

like leftover food for fools left to rot

While fat cats float flat tax

While you smug in your private community

While you swung your nine irons

While you pasted new phones on your loneliness

How many processors do you need

For a phone

To watch FOX lie?

To lie on your back or

In your teeth

Or come, ye 99ers

To the next how many rallies

to be shot in how many heads

by how many cops

from how many jurisdictions?

The sun is rising

On America shot in the face

The sun is rising too

because we’re here


in solidarity


how much is enough?