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Has Your Copyright Been Violated?

One of the certainties of the Internet is that if you write long enough, some idiot will eventually try to steal your material. Remember grade school, where the world was divided into people who did their homework so they’d be able to pass the test, and those who tried to copy the answers? Well sure enough, the world is still divided that way.

This morning when I logged into my Sacramento Real Estate Blog I found an incoming link to one of my posts, and the title of the link was a jumbled title based on the original title of the post. Sure enough, when I went over to check out the post, everything except the title had been copied verbatim from the original post. Not only had this moron copied my post – they copied what I consider to have been one of the worst posts I’ve written in several weeks.

Fortunately, Google has a relatively easy way to respond to copyright violations on that you find on Blogger blogs (typically with a URL like I’ve read other bloggers complain that the process takes some time because you have to submit the request by mail or fax, but I just submitted a complaint following the instructions there, and it took no more than about twenty minutes.