A Go Programming Notebook

Real Estate Video Marketing

We’re starting to explore the video and audio to get our sellers’ homes sold and the message out about our team. Two trends have come together to make this a good time to get into this. First, most homes that have Internet now have high speed connections, cable modems or DSL. Secondly, DVD players have come down in price and are now nearly ubiquitous, and media is becoming more inexpensive, allowing us to use the same message in multiple ways. We’re working with a local firm to produce a DVD to help sellers whose listings have expired without selling to understand what they need to do to get their home sold. Our target date for that is April.

Meantime, we have our first work product, a little 30-second spot showing how our search results help market our sellers’ homes. Check it out below. (I know, it’s not exactly Cecil B. DeMille, but give me a break, it’s my first one).