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How To Get 101 Subscribers to Your New Blog in Thirty Days

I have a dream. I have a dream of getting 101 subscribers to this blog within 30 days. You can help by subscribing now.

I’m no Martin Luther King or anything, so this is not a big dream, but nevertheless it’s non-trivial. I have a niche blog that’s almost five years old that doesn’t yet have 101 subscribers. Getting 101 subscribers to a brand new blog that’s starting with 10 subscribers (YES – we have reached double digits as of today!) will be a non-trivial accomplishment. But I think it’s worth shooting for!

It’s March 10th, 2008, as I write this. I’ll post it on March 11th. 30 days hath September and so on, so by April 10th, I need to be showing 101 Feedburner Subscribers.

Why Do You Want More Subscribers?

No matter what your online writing business model is, you can benefit from having more subscribers. Especially if selling advertising is part of your business model, a huge subscriber base is an absolute must. If you’re offering blog ghostwriting or similar services, a blog chock full of subscribers is a work product showing what you can do by way of promoting your client’s business. If you’re selling information products online, folks who subscribe to blogs are the types of people you want in your target market. Even niche bloggers may find that having more subscribers will get their articles more attention than they would otherwise, leading to more incoming links and incoming referrals.

My Brain-Dead Simple Ten-Part Plan

The eleven part plan I’m using is below.

If you subscribe now, you’ll get to follow my attempt to reach this goal and you’ll find out if my eleven part plan really works or is all wet. Either way, though, together we’ll learn techniques for getting more subscribers to our blogs and doing more business!

Ready… set … go!

  1. **Start where you are. **I started out with ten subscribers (Hooray – I only have to get ninety-one more!). If you don’t have ten subscribers already, it may take you thirty-two days. For extra credit it’d be neat if I could get to 111 subscribers by April 10th. That way I’ll know I added 101 to my original ten. But let’s be clear: my base goal is 101 by April 10th.

  2. **Start asking people to subscribe on your blog. **Start asking people to subscribe at the end of each blog post. In a post like this talking about your goals, you could make something of a joke or game out of it asking people to please subscribe at least three times. OK, that’s three. I don’t want to annoy you with it.

  3. Fix up your feed. Burn your feed with Feedburner, if you haven’t done so already. Fix up your subscription area and make it prominently visible. Make sure that people can subscribe via RSS or email. Free services for offering email RSS subscriptions are available through Feedblitz and Feedburner.

  4. **Put up a FeedBurner subscriber chiclet. **You want to show how many subscribers you have now. Don’t worry about those cheesy ten subscribers. You’ll have 101 in a month. The past is simply prologue. Your new subscribers want to see your plan for new subscribers succeed, because if you can do it, so can they!

  5. **Offer a free ad. **Offer an ad for free for a period of time (three months, six months, one year) for the webmaster who gets you the most new subscribers. A new ad format that’s very popular is the 125 x 125 pixel format. I’m going to put up a spot on my blog to host four such ads, and use winning one or more free ad as an incentive.

  6. **If you have other blogs or other social networks, use them. **(If you don’t, it may take you 101 days or what have you – use what you have available). Ways to use your other blog include writing a post linking to your subscription drive. On social networks, one think I’m going to try is sending a message out to MyBlogLog Community or the like. Link to your free ad offer and other posts.

  7. **Blog about your subscription drive. **Every few days you want to tell people about your subscription drive. Once every 1-3 days seems about right for the first week, then once every 3-7 days for the rest of the period. You don’t want to overdo it. Everyone likes public radio, but everybody hates a telethon.

  8. **Ramp up your social networking. **There are hundreds of social networks out there. You may already be a member of one or more – and your friends there miss you and haven’t heard from them in awhile. Don’t let them down. Tell them what you’re trying to do.

  9. **Email bloggers about your free add offer. **You’ll want to use this suggestion with some care, and realize that top bloggers get lots of requests for links, help, etc. Be polite in your approach, humble about your current blog traffic, and generous in the length of the ad they can win if they help you. I’ll post a sample email you can use in a future post. (Hmm … how will you be notified when that post comes out? If only there were a way to see when new blog posts came out for a given blog…).

  10. **Ramp up your commenting. **Are you meeting new bloggers who might see your ad? My goal for the period of this promotion is five comments per weekday. Remember, don’t spam the comments about your program – your goal in commenting is to participate in other peoples’ conversation and get them to stop by your blog.

  11. **Ramp up your posts to other blogs. **Maybe someone’s asked you to do a guest post recently, and you’ve been putting it off? If their blog is about how to promote a blog or has anything to do with online marketing, maybe now’s the time to go write that guest article! Make sure to mention your free ad offer.