A Go Programming Notebook

Concentration First, Then Mindfulness, Then Adsense

I have a goal for this web site. It’s an important goal, but I’m very much in the beginning phases of implementing it. The goal for this web site is to be about something. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

It used to be this site was about software, and it was a good place to try out new web development techniques. So I’d rewrite it endlessly. In the same way, neolithic web developers would use the same wall on the same cave in France, and whenever they wanted to paint a new buffalo they’d just paint over the old buffalo. That’s why if you actually start clicking around here you’ll find the remnants of past mental civilizations, old articles on Assembly Language, even.


Today the site might be described charitably as an eclectic brew of intellectual musings, or uncharitably as drive by victim of its author’s mid life crisis. But I don’t want to leave it at that. I want this site to be about something.

For one thing, I hate to give up this site’s modest but established traffic. There are links here, and page rank. It’s the postunmodern equivalent of having one paleolithic dummy saying to one another, “Hey Og, I know where there’s a bunch of pictures of buffaloes. Want to see it?”

And as we all know, Og famously replied: “What’s a picture?”

But what if the artist, Og Monet as it were, gets tired of painting buffaloes? Then you’ve got this neatly trampled dirt leading to the buffalo gallery, and some dispirited former artist scribbling to-do lists where the deer and the antelope played.

While I’m waiting for this site to be about something, I’ll link to some more Buddhist pals, and maybe it’ll end up being about that.

When it’s more earnestly about something, you’ll be the first to know.