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C# Verbatim Strings

Just doing a bit of hacking with the C Sharp mono compiler this evening. (I’m waiting for Visual Studio to ship – what else?). Meantime I may have found my first error in Donis Marshall’s Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2005: The Language – which doesn’t bode incredibly well given that I’m only on page 23 or so. Looking at verbatim strings, Marshall neglects to point out that to escape a string inside a verbatim string you use double quotes, not backslash quote.

Here’s a braindead example of the right way to do it. Mono users use mcs VerbatimString.cs to compile.

` using System; using System.Text;

public class VerbatimStrings { public static void Main() { String verbatim =

@“This is a verbatim string, and it can go on and on, using ““quote”” characters etc but everything else is not escaped, like tab characters, \t and so forth.”



You know, it took about three times as long to write the blog post as it did to figure it out to begin with. I love trying to write code in HTML. There should be a wordpress plugin or the like for that…