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BlogEngine.NET Comes to The Workbench

As I’ve started to develop a modest control for displaying ASP.NET certification exam questions and some other bits and pieces of code that I haven’t written about yet, it got to be pretty obvious that writing about ASP.NET on a PHP blog was a lot like trying to get married on top of a backhoe. Yes, it’s possible in principle, but for most purposes it’s probably best avoided.

More concretely, I want to be able to roll exam questions into a blog post and let folks comment on them, while still having a database of questions and being able to develop the exam logic independently of the blog. Also, I want to write ASP.NET code and be able to display it in the blog. Some of that’s certainly doable using tricks like Web Services, but that’s not a lightweight approach to the problem.

So tonight while the old body was begging me for a nap, good programmer that I am I threw some caffeine at the problem and put up a quick BlogEngine.NET blog on AspWorkbench.

What – no ParticleWave theme yet? Hey man, I just installed it. Chill.

Given that I’ve never installed a BlogEngine.NET instance on Godaddy before, it wasn’t too awful – I’ll try to write some tips tomorrow while they’re still somewhat fresh in my mind but when I’m a bit more coherent. There are several quirks that need polishing. For example, although I got the test email to succeed after some searching, neither the contact form nor the “Send email when someone posts a comment” feature have decided to join the party. The installation was something of a pain having been through several successful “Wordpress famous fifteen minute” installs, but some of that was first time learning curve. On the plus side, Live Writer connected and worked with no trouble at all, which is a big deal for me because I’m a Live Writer junkie.

Most importantly, I’m now in a position to integrate more ASP.NET into my blogging about ASP.NET – go figure!