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Article Submissions

If you’re interested in places where you can submit your articles, check out the guest post I wrote this week, Freelance Faceoff: EZineArticles Versus Associated Content. Thank you to Jesse Hines at Vigorous Writing for asking me to send that over and for his kind words about the article.

I’ve been doing an article for EZineArtices every few days. I mention in the Vigorous Writing article, it’s working out quite well. Here’s my EZineArticles Author Page. Based on one of the mistakes I made, I can offer you the following tip so you can avoid doing the same thing. If you’re going to publish an article somewhere else, be careful if you go back into the EZineArticles editor once your article has been saved and approved. There’s an auto-save feature on the editor. If you’re not careful, you can do what I did, which is accidentally mark an already-approved article as “changed” and thereby send it through the approval process again.

I made that mistake in the context of trying out another article submission site this week: Article City. looked really great at first glance, and there were many articles there that had been widely re-circulated. I tried submitting an article there, however, and after a few days it seems pretty likely that nobody’s home. It’s not so unusual that my submission hasn’t received a response yet, but at the same time the site hasn’t changed at all in the past few days. The same article on “Measuring Lubricant Quality” has been on the top of page one during this time, so it doesn’t appear they’ve been approving anyone else’s new articles, either.

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