A Go Programming Notebook

Ad Contest Winner

Creative Commons License credit: sunshinecity I am very pleased to announce that – subject to someone beating him by June 10th according to the original contest rules – Bob Younce of The Writing Journey is the winner of our ad contest. Bob wins the 125 x 125 pixel banner ad at the right for six months, for the traffic and subscribers that came as a result of his submission of my site to StumbleUpon, and for otherwise making an effort to promote the contest.

I say that Bob won subject to the original rules because according to the way the contest was originally framed, I reserved the right to post the winning ad on June 10th if I hadn’t gotten to my goal of 101 subscribers by today, April 10th. As of today I’m up to 67 subscribers, so I’m officially two thirds of the way there.

However, you could still win this contest if you are some well known blog A-lister and you wrote a glowing review about me and pointed people to the original contest rules and the Eleven Steps article.

So all of you A-Listers who are hanging on my every word, now’s your chance to win a foot race against Bob Younce!  I’ll bet you can’t do it.

Honorable Mention

Jim Cronin of the Real Estate Tomato gets an honorable mention as the early favorite in the contest, after publishing a guest post of mine.

Thank you to everyone else who participated as well by inviting me to do a guest post or promoting me on FaceBook or the like.

What’s Next?

Starting tomorrow we’ll have a brand new series, 21 Days to a Better Blog. Watch for it.