A Go Programming Notebook

Another Data Science Certificate - Getting and Cleaning Data

In May I completed the Coursera offering, Getting and Cleaning Data.

While I was vacationing in Seattle and Portland the news came that I completed the course, Getting and Cleaning Data, with distinction. This is the third course I’ve taken toward the Johns Hopkins / Coursera Data Science Specialization.

Meantime just before I left, Andy Field’s widely praised and certainly heavy “Discovering Statistics Using R” arrived. I’m finding it somewhat curiously organized in some respects but it’s a very entertaining read as such things go. Also the pace and content are just what I’m looking for, so in June I’ll be digging in as much as possible before hitting the next MOOC.

Back in the day, we autodidacts used to use books all the time by way of reading things. Chronological note: this would have been after the period in which sandwiches were called flat bready, but before Twitter.

Community of online learners, my eye – crack a book and dig in. That said, I am awaiting the next Coursera offering too!