Employee Owned Source License

This software is Copyright (c) 2015 by CodeSolid. This is not open source or free software.

You may make copies of this software, including forking and cloning using github and git, for purposes of reading it and deciding whether to participate in CodeSolid as an employee owner. You must retain this license in its original form.

Equity ownership of this code is granted for accepted pull requests. Pull requests that will be accepted will contain 1) some improvement to the software (software includes the roadmap, tests, documentation, etc.), especially if the improvement addresses an open issue or roadmap area and 2) An entry noting the time you spent in the hours.json file in the root of the project. Hours entries must reasonably match the performed work.

Equity ownership in the code also entitles you participate in the democratic process by which we will host, market, and profit from it's creation. See the "Worker-Controlled" section of the What is a Worker Cooperative document (PDF) for a discussion of how we might organize this process.

The profits from the project will be distributed based on hours-equity on a percentage basis, but until we may collectively decide otherwise, voting will be based on "one worker, one vote".

Members of the public wishing to submit issues, etc. but without accepted pull requests are welcome to participate as non-voting associates.