GoalBoost Roadmap

This is a draft roadmap for the Goalboost project. I'll be adding to this as we go. Change history is in git -- see the Github repository.

Project resources

We currently have 1 part time resource, working about 10 hours per week. This means I can do about one 125-hour Sprint per quarter. On that basis we estimate completion in about four years (i.e., about one mythical man year).

In an effort to improve on that timeline and go full time on this more quickly, we are actively seeking contributors who wish to contribute under the Employee Owned Source Code license.

Sprint 1 - It's About Time

Sprint one is almost over? Wow, time flies when you're tracking it using a combination of Python, MongoDB, and AngularJS!
Here's what we worked on in Sprint 1.

Sprint 2 - We Love Users - Customers Who Can't Pay Yet

Sprint 2 is in progress. Here are some working notes on Sprint 2

Sprint 3 - Timers Need a Home -- Invoices and Projects

  • Models and testing for invoices and projects.
  • UI to create invoices.

Sprint 4 - If you can bill them, I can bill you

Here we'll focus on ways to send invoices.

  • We'll be able to email an invoice by the end of this sprint.
  • That sounds unambitious, but it involves either a new security model for the invoice link or a basic PDF invoice "report".

Sprint 5 - No seriously, you'll want to be billing people

Sprint 6

  • Finish Paypal proof of concept.

Sprint 7 It's all right here in my report

  • Reports and queries.

Sprint 8

  • Basically it all trails off from here. We need more detail front loaded, and more detail here.

Sprint 9

Sprint 10

Sprint 11

Sprint 12

Sprint 13

Sprint 14

Sprint 15

Sprint 16

Written by John Lockwood in misc on Sat 24 October 2015.