Goalboost is a time and billing application, which is a natural first project for two reasons. First, time and billing is the sort of application that stands a decent chance of being commercially successful, inasmuch as it meets a real business need. Secondly, in our own work we wish to track hours per project as part of our equity sharing system, so writing a time and billing app that we delight in using is a way of eating our own dogfood.

Goalboost is being developed written using Python 3, Flask, and MongoDB, and AngularJS.

Goalboost Information

The Web Site (Alpha)Goalboost.com
Project Sourcehttps://github.com/CodeSolid/Goalboost
Development StatusPre-alpha. Type type type.
RoadmapGoalboost roadmap
How to Contribute / Learn MoreContact John Lockwood on Github or Twitter. Or call me at (916) 359-9218.
Hours Logged to DateAbout 210. See the various hours.<name>.json files in our docs directory. When we started the project we thought we were 2,000 hours to revenue, so that means we're 10% done (assuming we were right about the estimate).

Written by John Lockwood in Projects on Sat 17 October 2015.